World Surnames!

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On Friday 29th August we launched our worldnames mapping service. This has been picked up by a great number of news outlets all round the world and got us plenty of youtube views. Over the weekend we have had around 250,000 people visit the site which has unfortunately caused a number of technical errors to emerge. We are busy fixing the site and hope to have it back up to full speed soon! Thank you for your patience.

Press Coverage:

BBC Online – [link]
BBC Radio 4 – [link] and [link]
The Independent [link]
Channel4 news – [link]
Telegraph – [link]
The Scotsman – [link]
The Press Association [link]
New Zealand Herald – [link]
SG.HU (Hungary)- [link] (Germany)- [link]
Telekom Presse (Austria) – [link]
Presstext (Germany)[link]
Globo (Brazil) – [link]
Yahoo News Hong Kong (Hong Kong) – [link]
Saigon Giai Phong Online (Vietnam) – [link] (Australia) [link] (Iceland) [link] (Germany) [link]
WebUser – [link]
hddmag – [link]
Worthing Herald – [link]
Portugal Diario – [link]
The Dominion Post – [link]…

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